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Young people in difficulty
Statistical data on the situation of children and youth shelters
According to recent statistics, from July 1, 2005, in Romania there were 4,403,545 children aged 0-18 years (source: Statistical Yearbook / 2006), of which 51.21% 48.79% boys and girls. The total population of children (data are given by those involved in drafting the National Strategy on the protection and Promotion 2008-2013), approximately 2% were beneficiaries of social services in the welfare system and child protection at 31 December 2006, as follows: 18,140 children benefited from services to prevent the separation of parents, 23,847 children benefited from special protection extended family, 26,105 children benefited from care in public and private foster care and 24,024 children in families benefiting from special protection substitute (foster parents, other people / families and potential adoptive families). Statistical analysis of child protection shows that between 2000 and December 2006, the number of children protected in public shelters decreased from 53,335 to 21,198, and the number of protected children in foster care increased from 5157-19809. Regarding special protection services for children separated from parents at the end of 2006, operated 1,140 centers for public and 405 private orphanages. In late December 2006, a record number of 6492 young people aged over 18 orphanages protected under the law, and a total of 15,417 children aged 14-17 years protected shelters . In 2006, the children abandoned in hospitals reported by the Departments for Child Protection was as follows: 2,216 children were registered as being abandoned in maternity and pediatric wards, which, in the same year, 591 were reintegrated into family 1051 were placed in foster families and 117 were protected in public and private foster homes. Iasi is one with a large number of children in care under various forms of protection. Analysis of statistical data for 2005 indicate a decrease in input welfare system. Children in institutions (excluding homes), January 1, were in number 2075, and on December 31, 2005 -1868, children in institutions of family, from January 1, were in number 113, and the 31 December 2005 - 102; children reintegrated family family centers were number five in 2005, the number of children reintegrated families in foster care in 2005 was 21, and children placed in adoptive families of foster care were number 4 in 2005. Moreover, even data from the DGASPC Science shows that in early 2007 the total number of children in institutions was 1822, and during the year were de-383.

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